Has anyone tried seeing a medium? What was your expereince like and how did you find the right one?

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@SJ_c00 hi. It was word of mouth about a local lady who did good readings. She asked me to silently ask him a question before the event. On the day he answered that question. I have had two further readings and each time been told something that nobody else could possibly know. It has been said that when we pass over we become energy and the medium can tap into that energy. I wonder sometimes if they are reading our energy but I choose to believe I am connecting with my husband. It has given me comfort and I will arrange a further reading as I haven’t in a while. In the early days I desperately wanted to know he was safe and happy but now I want to know what he is doing and that he is watching over me and staying close. Sending hugs x


I’ve been obsessing over life after death ever since my partner died unexpectedly weeks ago. He didn’t believe in anything after death and I don’t in all honesty. I’ve been waiting patiently for signs and I’ve had none, I don’t feel him around either.
Even so I tried to get a reading with two well known American mediums but they both had five year waiting lists and I’ve added my name to both pf their waiting lists but I can’t really wait five years.
I found another less well known medium and I’ve booked and paid £750 for an “express” reading at the end of the month. As sceptical as I am I do desperately want to believe he’s put there somewhere in some form.
I didn’t actually research the medium very well before I booked her, I saw one article and just felt compelled to book her. It just felt right at that moment but I started having doubts afterwards but it’s booked and paid for so I just hope it’s good :crossed_fingers:

The reading is on the 31st so I’ll let you know how it goes x

I’ve also wondered if they could just be reading our energy or minds rather than connecting with our loved ones :disappointed:
I actually asked that question as a post a while back. I’d love to think they are truly connecting with our loved ones.
I’m not sure we’ll ever truly know unless we get told things that we didn’t know ourselves.
I can imagine my OH telling me there’s cash hidden up the attic or under the floorboards etc :rofl::see_no_evil: