Meeting again in the afterlife.

I was watching a film today where a lady’s husband had died and she had to carry on living many years without him. In heaven, time goes by so differently to the time on earth. On earth time goes by in years but in heaven time goes by in seconds. The day the lady died her husband was waiting in heaven for her because in heavens time, she had died only a few hours ago. He was the young handsome man she had met all those years ago and she was once again the lovely young girl he married.
I could not stop crying. It was hard for the person that was left behind because they would not see their loved one again for many years but for the person that had died, they would see their loved one in a matter of hours.
I believe this will happen and I don’t care how many years I have to wait to be with my Peter again because I know we will be together again.
Love to all,
Keep safe.
Love Sheila.x


Hi Lonely,
I believe with my whole heart that Andy will be waiting for me when it’s my turn to cross over but I know right now he’s watching me and the kids every day and how we are doing and if it gets too much he’s there to send some comfort to us, I hope you feel that way too, I feel that I haven’t dreamed of Andy cos he passed suddenly in April and maybe it’s too early maybe, when all the restrictions are lifted I am going to a medium because I want him to know how much I love him still and always will do you take all the comfort you can from the film and from here and all the support you will find here. Take Care, much love :two_hearts:


Hello Honeybee,
I am so sorry for your loss but I think that is what keeps us going knowing we will one day be together once again. It can’t be the end when you lose your soulmate, there must be something else for us. My husband is with me every single day, he is in every room of our home we shared from the day we married. He is in every picture he hung and every breath I take. After six years I miss him more and more.


Hi Sheila, I haven’t seen that film - I would like to - but it’s such a lovely idea. I am still in the very early days, coming out of shock and into the realisation that I will not see my beloved on this earth again, but I so hope he’s there when I too die.
It’s such a fascinating thought I’m going to research now if it’s mentioned specifically by any of the religions. They all seem vague in terms of what happens to your loved one. Thanks for sharing this. Cxxx

Hi Lonely what was the film called

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I stream many films from my laptop to my TV via HDMi cable and for the life of me I cannot find it nor remember what it was called. I had typed in Fantasy movies and this one came up, I do not know the actors that were in it either so I cannot trace the film through their names.
I usually book mark any films I like but didn’t do it this time.
I have also looked online to read about the after life and there is something after we die. The female side of my family have all seen loved ones after they have passed away, our 15 year old granddaughter saw her granddad, my husband, just after he died, and she has felt taps on her shoulder, her name being called and the lights in the bathroom going on and off. I told her to say, thank you granddad for looking after me, and after that nothing else happened. I used to hear my husband calling my name for a year after he died it was an urgent call as if he was looking for me and I used to jump out of bed thinking he was next to me and wanted some help. Then the year after, I still heard him calling my name but it was more of a gentle call as if he knew where I was but wanted me for something but after the end of the second year I have heard nothing, Sometimes there is banging on the door, like a battering ram, and when I go to the bedroom window there is nothing there. I get wakened up with things dropping, like someone drops a heavy book on the floor next to the bed. I feel the side of the bed go down and feel someone behind me, snuggling into my back, I am not asleep as I lay there very still and I know when it is over as there is a coldness in my back as if the covers have been moved. That hasn’t happened for a long time now.
They do say that if a person who has died has been ill for a very long time, it takes them a while to get in touch with their wives/husbands etc. as they have to heal first. I have read so many things on bereavement that I could write a book myself.
All I do know is, after six years without my Peter, I miss him as much now as I did when he died and that will never change.


I beleive in something after we pass. I know when I die everyone I’ve lost will be there to great me and for them it’ll be as though we never parted.

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Like i said on a previous post death scares the hell out of me and my partner was scared too even though i have loads of family that have passed i just hope i do get to see my partner and family again and there is more x

I lost my Angel in April as well. Gary (Gaz) is my whole world. My soulmate. I now frequent a medium to find out anything possible about my Angel . I give nothing away. Within no time I was asked ’ who is Gary " . That alone was an unbelievable warming feeling as there is NO WAY the medium could of known his name or even who I was hoping to contact . I myself like all of us are grieving terribly and question daily if I want to go on . I know my Gaz would not want me to take my own life even though it’s very very difficult getting up everyday without him by my side . Listening to everyone here is exactly the same as how I am . It’s t

Its torture for us all . It’s so good to help eachother . Christmas is the next hurdle to overcome .


Hi Lesleyj,
I am so very sorry for the loss of Gary, I hear every word you say as if I had written it myself, when I lost Andy I lost the best part of me, we hadn’t been together that long 2 short years but we felt like we waited a lifetime for each other, he always said why couldn’t I have met you 20 years ago, we could have got married, had kids together but I always said to him we have the love we have because we waited so long to find it and now I feel totally robbed, if it weren’t for the kids I don’t know where I would be right now but I know Andy would be devestated with all my tears he hated me to cry. I’m trying to look forward to Christmas but I’m just not feeling it, I’m going through the motions as I can’t see how I can enjoy anything knowing he’s not there this is why I am holding out till I can have a reading, I need to know he knows I am there as much as he knows I am there but getting through every day as best as we can and I am sure you are the same, so please take care, if you fancy a chat then drop me a wee message.
Much love Yvonne x

Dear Lesleyj,

Can I ask you something, when you booked to see the medium did you book in your own name or did you not give your name at all. I am afraid to make an appointment in my own name in case the medium looks it up on Facebook and gets all my information from there. My friend told me that she always books under a fictitious name so when the medium gets to see her, she has no prior knowledge of my friend.
I am so afraid of giving something away and getting a false reading.
Thank you.


Thank you so much for your kind words Yvonne , I feel your pain too . All of us are suffering terribly and personally I cant see an end to the torment. My world fell apart on 8th April this year . 33 weeks on Wednesday yet it might as well be 33 hours . We were totally encapsulated with eachother from day one . A very rare thing indeed . . . . My Gaz was a strapping lad who was struck by a very rare disease called Sarcoidosis. Life is so horribly unfair and downright cruel. You have been robbed Yvonne and Andy would hate to see you heartbroken . Easier said than done though . Gaz and Andy would be exactly the same if roles were reversed . . I’m dreading Christmas as my angel loved it . We never had children as to obsessed with eachother. I literally cant wait to see him again . It makes me look forward to death macabre as it may sound . :pensive: take care pet . Lesley xxx

Hi Sheila, firstly I’ve never had a person to person meeting with a medium as my Gaz died during the first lockdown and so it’s all done via zoom or in my case WhatsApp. . I’ve had about 6 readings now and I have to tell you every negative thought you mention as gone through my mind hundreds of times - facebook twitter Instagram . It would be down right fraud for a start, but there will be crooks out there who would leach off the back of someones desperate grief . That’s why you must do your homework first . A genuine medium will be well known and advertises professionally. Takes Bacs payments so works as a bonified business . . . . . My first reading was arranged through my sister who paid for it . All I did was speak to her via WhatsApp . Like yourself sheila , I was sceptical but it’s the little things she could never know that made me realise my Gary is all around me and the spirit world is every bit as real as flesh and blood . Obviously on WhatsApp or Zoom we can see eachother but if your unsure then why not either use someone else’s mobile or even better a landline . All they have then is your voice . Dont be afraid . Ps . I have another reading on Thursday . Xxx

Dear Lesleyj,
Thank you so much for your advice. My late sister and mum went to many readings and wanted me to go with them but I was always too afraid to go, but since my Peter died 6 years ago I would love to go and see if I can make contact with him. I am not a fan of Zoom, What’s App or Facetime, I need to be there in person to see and feel their reactions. I will definitely make arrangements after the pandemic is over and go with our son’s partner as she is also a person who is interested in the after life.

Thank you again.

Hi sheila
I totally understand . I’ve tried a good few times to arrange a person to person meeting but as you say it’s not possible presently . I hate social media as well but it’s quite handy during this lockdown . Keep in touch and let me know when you decide what to do … . . . . .Remember energy CANNOT be destroyed so our loved ones are somewhere and watching over us . We will be together again for sure . It’s the waiting game that is the difficult bit for us all . Xxxx lesley

Thank you Lesley,
I will definitely go after this pandemic is all over, I wish I had gone earlier when I had the chance to go with a friend. Like I have said. The female side of my family all had the gift and saw dead people, our granddaughter now has it. I know I do too but I don’t give it a lot of thought as I do not want to walk into another room and see someone standing there, it would give me a heart attack. All I want to know is that my Peter is happy where he is with all our family around him, if I know he is happy, that is enough for me until we meet again.

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Sheila, Lesley, I have been booked in twice for a face2face reading and it’s been pushed back twice because of the tier system and restrictions but whenever we get back to normal I have been assured that I will get my face2face but hey wait till I till you, I swear I heard Andy talking to me last night, I went to bed with a really bad headache last night and kept trying to sleep but it just hurt so finally I closed my eyes and I swear I heard his voice saying “Just close your eyes Honeybee you will feel better if you sleep “ just like he did when I wasn’t well when he was alive he always told me to try and sleep. I am utterly convinced it was him.

Take care both of you xxx


Dear Honeybee,
Of course it was him talking to you. I heard my Peter calling my name for two years after he died and I used to jump out of bed thinking he wanted my help. We still slept in the same bed even though he was very poorly so I could be near him if he wanted me.
I was watching our wedding video on my laptop today, no sound because it was taken on a colour cine-reel in 1967 then we had it put onto a video, then a DVD then put onto memory sticks for our sons. Every single person at our wedding is no longer alive, it was wonderful to see us looking so young and happy, covered in confetti and Peter kissing me in the back of the wedding car on the way to our reception. Afterwards kissing everyone goodbye as we went off on our honeymoon to the Lake District in my dad’s car. What a wonderful life we had.
Stay safe.

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100% definitely.
Lesley xxxx

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