Hi, don’t even know if this is allowed or possible. I am from west Yorkshire but came to Leicester to live with my partner 8 years ago. Sadly he died suddenly of cancer on the 7th of February this year. I did not work and have made no friends. I have no family close by either. Was just wondering if there is anyone in the area who would like to meet up for a coffee and a chat? I am feeling very lost and isolated.

Hi Anne, thanks for your reply. Been trying to contact local bereavement groups where I live but been unsuccessful. I’m in my hometown now Huddersfield. I have to go back to Leicester on Thursday. I need to get our lovely home ready to sell as I don’t fancy my chances of surviving down there on my own. My whole world imploded when I lost my soul mate Guy. Wherever I am I will miss him with every heartbeat but at tleast huddersfield I nhave family and friends to give me a hug and meet up. Nobody really understands though do they Anne? Not unless you’ve been through it. I’ve never felt so much pain and despair. Where about in Yorkshire are you? Xxx

Hi Elfy I lost my husband suddenly on the 5th January this year and my mum 2 weeks before that. I live in Leicester and totally agree how difficult it is for others to understand who have not experienced such loss. It’s so very isolating even when you do know a few people so it must be incredibly hard for you. I would be very happy to meet and have a coffee and a chat x

Elfy I put a post up called “ just an idea” and it’s about people who live close to each other to meet up there has been lots of replies so it might be an idea to check that post out for anyone who lives close to you . There have been some people who have had very successful meetings . Hope you manage to find someone to meet up with keep chatting and let me know how you get on sending hugs x x x karen

Is anyone in Essex for a meetup.
Amy x