Member Orchard had started this, I would like to finish this..


To many I am forgotten
Just a sad story from the past
but to those that love and lost me
the memories will always last

As I sit here safe in heaven
and watch you everyday
I try and let you know with signs
I never went away…

I hear you when your speaking
and watch you as you sleep
I even place my arms around you
to calm you as you weep

I see you wish the days away
as you beg to have me home
so I try and send you messages
that you are not alone

Don’t feel guilty that you have a life
that was denied to me
oh, heaven is truly beautiful,
just you wait and see

Please live your life and laugh again
Enjoy yourself, be free!
Then I’ll know with every breath you take
you’re taking one for me…

~ by Hazel Birdsall

Oh Jackie, what a so lovely poem. It often happens that someone finds a poem that brings tears to the yes, but that’s fine. That poem really touched me. Thank you so much. Blessings.

I’m crying Jackie. This poem is just so lovely and I am going to copy it and carry it with me. I also have some nice ones that were sent to me and give me great comfort. I have put them on the forum but it was some months ago.
I can imagine my Brian saying those words. He loved poetry and wrote his own. He made them up straight out of his head sometimes and would make me laugh. He wrote me a poem on every Birthday and Christmas this could have almost been one of his own. Thankyou even if you have made me cry. Pat xxx

Please thank our member Orchard…( Geraldine )

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