Memorial bench for my beloved husband

A former colleague emailed me photos of my beloved husband’s bench at his former workplace.
Philmore's bench 1

A nice gesture from his former colleagues. My husband always was the chef for their BBQs.


That’s lovely that he will be remember by work colleagues. I have a bench for my husband it’s in the local park where he used to watch our son play football. I go and sit on it quite often just people watching which is what he liked to do too.
Debbie x


I also have a bench which was supplied by members of our allotments. This year I asked them if I could buy it off them and bring it home to his favourite place in his garden. They kindly gave it to me. Unfortunately I can’t stand those words “In Memory of …” It brings it home to me.
I would like one on our seafront as Brian sat there often taking his photographs. He spent all his life in this town.


This is Doug’s bench just after it was installed in the park, it has grass around it now.

Debbie x


Lovely bench.

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I hope thsts true what it says in the bench : they walk besides us every day … i feel my husbands spirit so close to me sometimes but thats what makes me cry … because i can feel him all around me in so many things i do x