Memorial ideas needed


My mum passed away 6 years ago when I was 25, due to shock and lots of changes to the family home (I live at home, I have aspergers, my mum was diagnosed with a brain tumour and died 2 weeks later subsequently I took on the household jobs)

Anyway this all lead to delayed grief which I’ve been experiencing the past few months now I’m at a point I’ve come to terms with it but feel like I need to do something as ‘goodbye’ letting go thing so looking for suggestions… don’t want to release a balloon but thinking of throwing a letter and flowers into a river?

Open to ideas

Thank you for reading!

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Dear Supermeg

Welcome to our forum. I’m sure you will receive some interesting and helpful answers to your post on here. I understand you have needed to take the time to cope with your grief and life without your Mum, please accept my sympathies.

In my former work as a celebrant conducting funerals and memorials, people had all sorts of ideas for remembering those they’d lost. My advice is to make it as personal to your Mum as possible; what would she want? Did she have a favourite place, or is there a theme you could follow?

Someone wrote in to say a year after her son died she held a memorial for him, and baked a cake in the shape and colour of the car he loved. Everyone who attended said it was very special.

Sprinkling ashes somewhere you feel your mother was fond of is always meaningful. Do look online for other ideas, but keeping it simple is a good plan.

I do hope this has helped a little. Keep writing if you feel the need.



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Hi supermeg, in memory of my husband every year on Father’s Day, I plant a tree :evergreen_tree: with the national forest, from me and our children and grandchildren.
I couldn’t save my husband, but in his memory I can try to save the planet.
Love Debbie X X


I’m children got a bench for his garden and beautiful picture of him I sit in garden and have my coffee with him lv x x


Hi ,
I have recently lost t partner and have had a memorial at the crem, where I have laid his ashes above ground as I wasn’t sure what to do? I wasn’t sure where to scatter his ashes so I have laid my partner to rest at his memorial, with it being above ground o have the option to take his ashes at a later date if I wanted and scatter them or take them somewhere else. For now I am able to go and sit with him and tall to him. I find it comforting that he’s there and I can be with him almost x