One thing I did was to do a memorial for my partner Christine 2 weeks after she passed, I traveled to our favourite holiday place in Palmanova and had 2 padlocks engraved. I locked them in 2 different places with dried flowers and a red rose, I only stayed 2 full days over 3 nights thinking it would be my last ever visit there. It was very emotional. On the 2nd day I felt Christine’s presence which was very calming and it was if she was telling me this won’t be your last visit and I know I will go back because I won’t be alone, Christine will be with me.


What a very beautiful memorial to your beloved Christine. Also, very brave, I am having great difficulty going anywhere my husband and I visited together,

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It was something I felt I had to do, tears were shed and it was tough. If I’d have left any longer it would never have happened, what helped was the staff at the small family run hotel who we’d become friends with were there if needed and a great comfort. I will go back each year going forward because it has become more of a special place and I’m sure it will be part of me coming to terms the best I can. Hopefully one day you could visit a special place which means something to you and also help you :heart: