Does anyone else feel upset when a singer or actor from your youth dies. Since my Peter died, I find myself in tears when I hear the sad news because I remember Peter and I listening to their music, going to the cinema to watch their films, sitting on the back row cuddling and kissing when we were ‘courting’. I think it upsets me because these entertainers were a big part of our lives and brought us so much enjoyment, queuing to buy their records, or queuing to watch them on stage. and then walking to the bus stop to get the last bus home. I still play their records, close my eyes and I am that young girl again, slow dancing at the Mecca Locarno with my handsome boyfriend/fiance/husband and it makes me cry. I just want my life back again, the life we used to have all those years ago.
Since the dark nights have arrived I am finding I am really down and it seems a long, long way until next spring.
Stay safe everyone.


Sheila I was in bed the other night watching TV and a program came on & it was a tribute to Bobby ball and I got really upset. I didn’t even like him that much but he was part of my youth as we used to go and see Canon and Ball in Blackpool when we went for our holidays as kids. Same with Des O’Connor, another one away. It brings your own mortality to the fore doesn’t it and it’s sad to see all the old entertainers now being of an age where they are popping off x

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Dear MrsColt.
Cannon and Ball were the only comedians I liked, I never missed a show, they used to have us in stitches. We also saw them in Blackpool, and in pantomimes over the years from when our sons were toddlers. Des O’Connor and so many, many more that really grew old with us. I don’t know if you have heard of The Batley Variety Club in Yorkshire, but from the weekend it opened in the 60’s, my boss used to receive free tickets from the owner and he gave them to his staff, Peter and myself went with friends every Monday night until our John was born in 1970, in fact the last time we went, I was 6 months pregnant with our John. The stars we saw, Gene Pitney, Tom Jones, Roy Orbison and all the American and English pop stars, the list goes on and on. and many are now no longer with us. I love to go to the Tribute acts and our sons have offered to take me to see the stars of the 60’s that are still living and performing but I tell them no thank you. I do not want to see those once handsome young men and women who sang with their bands when they were no more than teenagers like myself and Peter were, now singing their songs when they are in their late 70’s and 80’s, I want to remember them as they used to be. I do still cry for what was but I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I want to be young again, I want to experience the thrill of meeting Peter, falling in love and knowing we had many years facing us together. I heard yesterday that a neighbour from the 1960’s has terminal cancer and again I cried, even though I have not seen them for such a long time as they moved away, it still hurt because they were married on the exact day we were in 1967 and were the first couple we spoke to after getting back from our honeymoons, we were such close friends but when they moved far away, life took over and we lost touch apart from the odd letter and Christmas Card. We always rang each other every few months and last night his wife rang to tell me about it. It is another part of our past that will soon be gone and it really does hurt.
Take care my love.


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