Losing my mum nearly 2 months ago and I’m still in shock. I still remember her everyday and I can’t stop thinking about her. But I’m scared I’m going to forget all the good times I’ve had with her and I don’t want to forget. Even when she got sick we still had fun but I don’t want to forget any of the memories and advice she gave me. Does anyone have any advice?


Hi Nina,

So sorry to hear about your mum :pensive:

I’m coming up 6 months since I lost my mum and although I find i have more ‘good’ days than bad I still think about her every day and say good morning/good night to her every day too.

Every time you look at a photo of her you will remember the situation around them being taken and all the laughter that went with it. If you can’t look at photos right now that’s fine but you will do eventually and everytime you speak to a family member or friend about her she will live again in your memories so don’t fear that you’ll forget her as you won’t.

Blessings to you during this horrendous time x

Hi Suzzanne30, thanks for your response, it means a lot.

I’m sorry to hear about your mum too. I do look at photos of her and we’ve had some printed to add around the house too, but like you said it’s painful. It’s difficult talking to my friends because they can’t really relate to me as my mum passed away quite young and my friends have their parents in their lives still. With family is slightly easier but I don’t like upsetting them by talking about her. Even thought she is my mum she was so many things to so many people and I don’t want to forget that. x

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Dear @Nina,

Memories of our mums are so very precious and I can understand that you want to keep them forever. I think that you will, even though at the moment you may find it hard to think of them because as you stay you are still dealing with the shock of losing her.

As others have already said, photos can be very helpful to keep memories alive. A good idea is to write a few notes on the back of each photo, such as the date, place and occasion. Some people have written about making a memory box where they store items that remind them of their loved one. I have lots of things from my parents, like cards they sent me, letters they wrote me, videos they are in, and I even kept a voice message from each of them on our answer phone. You could also think of writing all your memories of her in a diary or buy one of those books where you can record things about her, maybe with the help of family members. I did something like that for my mother-in-law and gave it to her grandchildren at her funeral. Hopefully this will give you some reassurance and some ideas.

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Hi Jo64, thanks for the response. That’s a lovely idea, I never thought of creating a diary to record and remember those moments. I could even ask for some of my relatives, as your right - it would be nice to hear memories about her. Thank you x