I lost my mum last year on the 5th august.
Currently I’m listening to her funeral songs, it’s weird because before it was her favourite songs, now it’s her funeral songs. Even after a year I’m still struggling. Some days it just doesn’t feel right being happy, enjoying my life. It just feels wrong. 10 years of looking after her and if I could have that back I would in a heartbeat. I would never of complained. I have so much guilt.


Ah sorry for the pain of your memories. Surely your Mum would want you to live your life happily? Feeling guilt is a normal part of grief, we always torture ourselves with things we think we could have said or done differently. However, we can’t change the past, the only way is forward. It’s hard I know, my Mum died in January and I still feel weighed down with sadness. All we can do is try our best to keep going, living our best lives. Take care xx


@tsb98 I know what you mean but @Rosiepink is right, we torture ourselves because we can’t change it. We must focus on those things we did accomplish. You looked after your mum & I’m sure she was proud of you for that. It takes a lot to care for someone over a long period. X