Memorium plaque

My partners work are organising a tree and plaque which is very kind of them when a seen a sample of it I just burst into tears nearly 5 months on it doesn’t seem real.

Christine x

Hello Aries,
Sometimes it takes a while for the reality of a loss to really sink in. It is all part of the grieving process, and acts as a protective mechanism to allow healing to start. You may know from some of my other posts that my husband has now been gone for 7 months, and things pop up completely out of the blue to trigger my tears. I am sure they will for some time yet. It’s ok that it still doesn’t seem real to you - with time will come acceptance. And it’s ok to let the tears fall at any time, no need to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed, tears are healing. Just go on, taking each day as it comes and let your grief run its course. All will be well in time. With a big hug, Tulabelle xxx

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I’m not conventionally religious. I do believe in a life after this . I believe the person we loved is the spirit and not the body and that they are intermittently around us ( when they’re not doing other things ). When my son Nick died 3 years ago I told the crematorium to sprinkle his ashes at their discretion. I think of him, talk to him dream about him.every day of my life and guess I will until the day I die . Whilst I can understand why your partners office are doing what they are doing , it would upset me too to actually go to it.I almost certainly wouldn’t want to . My son is all around me even though he longer lives on this earthly plain . We’re all different and everyone is entitled to their opinion , especially on something as emotionally charged as this but I guess you feel the same .My thoughts are with you at this horrible time . Paul

Hi I hope to see James and my dad who I lost two years ago again I do look for signs but nothing yet although my sister’s have had signs I was told that my dad was around my older son which gave me comfort in sorry for the loss of your son.

Take care
Christine x

I believe they come through when they want to, which doesn’t necessarily coincide with when we want them to come through :slight_smile:. It’s comforting to believe that they are having a busy time , albeit not with us. I hope your son comes through soon . And thank you for your short but moving message .