Merry Christmas

Just wanted to say merry Christmas to each and everyone of you. Its such a difficult time for us all, this is my first Christmas in 33 years without my mum. Ive come to the local pub to have a drink with friends, its been emotional but we shared so many great memories about my mum who they all looked upto like an aunty, these were friend’s who i grew up with. I hope this nexr year can bring some much deserved happiness for us all. Much love to you all :heart:

Ollie xx


A good way to celebrate and remember x


Thinking of you @OllieM what a lovely way to celebrate your mum :heart: xxxx


Hope you can enjoy a drink in your mums memory. In a similar position myself - my mum died at the end of November so it’s my first Christmas without her and everything still feels really raw. It feels wrong trying to force myself to be happy for the sake of the kids when such a fundamental part of our lives is missing. Emotions have been all over the place so I’m scared to have a drink in case it makes me worse!! X

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