Merry Old England - memories

Just to say, I am in America but I use this board. We lived in Kent when I was a child, at Mystole Park and it was wonderful. My memories of my parents and me living in Chartham are some of the best I have. I truly loved being there, in the early 70s. I had horseback lessons and we went to a new castle, every weekend. My grandfather was a fighter pilot in WWI and a technical consultant for the RAF, in WWII. I love James Herriot and Roald Dahl. My mother is a Norwegian and we spent summers in Norway, and winter in Kent. I hope to see Little Mystole again, one day. My beloved parents gave me the kind of childhood only in storybooks, and I miss them every day. Thanks England, for the memories.

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Welcome America :+1: xx

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That’s nice berit.
I’m in kent, a place called bearsted near Leeds castle.
It’s not too far from where you grew up.
Cheryl x

saw it on the map. I am sure we visited this castle, too. I remember Folkstone, too. And strikes, and Blue Peter and gymkhanas and fetes. It was a wonderful time. I hated coming back. I missed British jam and bread.

That’s lovely x

For Stan’s early retirement we did a tour of the USA, it lasted a month. We loved the USA, it was a coach tour. Some years later we went to North Carolina and stayed with some friends, during that stay we visited my cousin, his wife and family. They took us to Arlington cemetery, Gettysburgh and the Shenandoah Valley. When we returned to NC we went to New Orleans for a few days, both of us has always loved Jazz, it was magical. I would return to the USA tomorrow (for a holiday) tomorrow if circumstances allowed.

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