My wife of 62 years died 7 weeks ago, I am heartbroken and have never felt so alone.
Our home is so empty now of love, and the silence is deafening,
Everyone tells me it gets easier with the passage of time , I’m sure they are right.
Meanwhile, I am advised to get out and make friends, get a hobby, I have friends , I have a hobby…. BUT NONE OF THAT CAN REPLACE my darling life partner, helpmeet, best friend and soulmate, it’s her my heart longs for, and aches for 24/7


Yeh it will take time. That heartache does get easier but its a slow road . Keep doing what youre doing but also keep being kind to yourself and self care ! Its 6 months since i lost my husband and i still miss his company so much. Can you get a dog or cat ? I bought a puppy and so glad i did cos she is good company and has kept me going through these dark days of sadness . God bless xxx


I can understand how you feel. I lost my gorgeous fantastic beautiful wife sue on the 1st February this year due to pancreatic cancer .what i do is talk to one sues pictures and tell her what sort of day i,ve had and say goodnight and when I get up i do the same thing saying good morning


Yeh my mum told me to talk to my husband and i kiss his picture goodnight too … also journalling is really good too . Wrotibg your thoughts or a letter to themJust reading a sasha bates book called : a grief companion. Its very helpful. But i just loved her first book " languages of loss " after losing her husband. So moving and honest about how she felt xxx


@Joshua2512 WOW 62 years, what an achievement. That is a huge loss for you and one that will take a very long time to deal with and process.
I was only 16y 3m and it’s bloody awful.
I’m 21 weeks in though and I find now that it is better than it was by a long way but not easier as you miss them so much.

I can go to work, I can go out with friends, I have a laugh but I still miss him desperately.

Take small steps hour by hour, don’t look to the future, try to focus on the now. Don’t think of everything you have to do, it can become overwhelming, just focus on one thing at a time and as hard as it is, try and stay positive.

This forum has been a life saver for so many. The days will feel so hard but you will get through. There’s no alternative. Slow and steady and we’re all on here to listen.


Hi, I think Joshua’s wife was 62.:broken_heart:

Hi Joshua, it’s a horrible place to be. I’m week 12. It’s no easier and can’t really see it changing. I have my beautiful partner’s ashes on the mantelpiece and kiss it every time I leave the house, when I get back. Also every morning and night. It’s not the form I would really like to kiss, but it is something. I think it helps a bit. What would have been really nice if I went at the same time of my gorgeous Mandy. Just take every hour at a time. I won’t say day, as a day goes so slow, and also the nights. This whole situation for most if not all is called a nightmare.:broken_heart:


Hi I am in a similar place to you. My husband died 4 months ago . Family live away from my area so feel isolated.
As I,m disabled it makes it hard to get out . Everyone suggests going to a club or exercise group.
Not able to do that . So feel isolated.
Spent my time clearing out the house just to keep occupied.
I chat to him every day & pray for him at night.
Summer has helped as able to get into the garden& trim
The roses that he loved. Take it slowly in time the pain of loss will eventually begin to ease.

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I,m 4 months into this journey.i feel so lost and alone even though I have family supporting me .some days i just to scream and ask why my gorgeous fantastic wife sue was taken. But i can hear sue come on you made a promise to carry on being the person I made you into and i will hold you to it.my daughter and stepson dave family are helping me out a lot.my sister in Leicester has been told never ring me ever again especially after saying at least you knew sue going to die my husband didn’t and said horrible disgusting comments on our bike club page about how she rang me every day after sue passed away but she only rang twice. Whereas I rang wendy every day and she became bitter and very twisted so thats it no contact ever again

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