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So today’s bombshell. My 90 year old MIL is selling her house and buying a new house with her eldest son and his family. We knew that she had sold but my BIL hadn’t so I said to Peter that we could offer for her to stay with us in the interim Then COVID happened and the sale was off, then a month ago Peter died unexpectedly at 52 of a heart attack. This morning she phones me, like she does every morning and evening and tells me that her buyer’s surveyor is coming tomorrow and that when the sale goes through she doesn’t want to stay in her sons house so wants to come and stay with me until they move into a new property. Let’s face it that could be six months. I get on with her and won’t lie the company would be nice but I am a slob and she is vvvvvv tidy. My motivation and energy to clean the house is non existent but now I’m going to have to clean house from top to bottom

Hi Jen
I’m sorry for your loss. Like you I’m struggling and sometimes the thought of getting through the chores of housework can seem overwhelming. Look after yourself right now try not to stress about the way you live. If your MIL is going to move in with you the company would probably be nice for yous both and I’m sure yous will accept each other’s ways and help each other.
Good luck xx

Hello jan, I can feel for you in so many different ways. Ok if she really wants to move in then perhaps you have the perfect house guest and maybe with luck your house will be spring cleaned for you but you will never be able to find anything. My MIL was so clean and tidy it hurt to see she going round after me and I promise would not do it to my kids and their partners. Look after yourself that is the main thing and take care.

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Hello, Jen,
I do believe that if the thought of your MIL moving in with you, affects you, you will have to be straight to the point with her and tell her that things have changed since your’s and Peter’s original offer. This is so true, your world has been turned upside down, situations have changed and for the worse, you have to think about yourself at times like this.
I do not wish to appear harsh but at the moment you have enough to cope with, grieving.
Good luck,
Mary x

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