Had a bad weekend, first cup final without my husband, first Eurovision without him by my side. So sad


I am sorry I understand how you feel I lost my 22-year-old son in a car accident on October 2nd 2022. It must be really hard losing a spouse. Weekends suck. My son use to love Eurovision! This is very hard road but since I’ve been on this site for only 3 days I have felt more support from people than my own family and friends. Hopefully this site will give you some relief also. Hugs to you.:heartpulse:


Hi Jebster
Thank you for your post and welcome to the community. I hope you will gain some support from others who post here.
It must be very tough going through events such as a Cup Final and Eurovision that you had experienced before with your husband, as lots of memories of previous events come flooding back.
Take care and I hope you find some support here from others.

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the shared experiences that come around make me sad, now the weekend is over I feel better

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Hi @Jebster
I’ m glad that you feel a bit better after the weekend.
Take care