Miss my Dad

This is my first time iv been able to write something.
Each time I try I find it too hard & delete what I have written.

We lost our Dad in August.
He was such a great Dad, he loved us so much.
He was so caring & did so much for us & anyone that needed help.
I’m missing him more each day & really struggling.
The pain is unbearable.
I hold quite alot in to be strong for my mum & sister.
It’s like a bad dream that I’m hoping to wake up from


Hi @Kerry1.1
I’m so sorry. I can relate to you as my dad died in Feb 2020.

You have done really well to write your post on here and I hope you can find some comfort in the messages on here.

It is so hard, it’s said a lot but try to take one day at a time. I try and think about not seeing my dad for one day at a time rather than think of the future as a whole without him.

Have you got any bereavement support? Anyone you can talk to, maybe a counsellor?

Aniella x

Thank you Aniella for your reply, I really appreciate it.
I’m so sorry to hear about your dad.

It’s so hard from seeing Dad each day & if I didn’t I spoke to him on the phone to not seeing him at all is unbearable.
We was so close. My sister & me really couldn’t have had better parents.
My aunty Mary died on Monday afternoon, my mum’s oldest sister. She took our nans place when she died. Mary came everywhere with us. She was an amazing lady.
Losing someone else who we love so much I’m just not coping.
I have enquired to speak to someone but I was told they usually only give counseling after 3/4months
I think I’m going to wait until my aunties funeral is over on Fri then ask again for help
Thank you again it’s really lovely of you

I’m so sorry about your aunty too and thinking of you for Friday.

I can relate to you a lot. I was very close to my dad and it is so painful. Sending a big hug xx

Thank you Annie
Sending a hug back to you x

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Hi @Kerry1.1

I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your dad. I can also relate, as I lost mine in July. It’s so hard. I understand what you mean about keeping it in for your mum, as I do the same. I want to look after her and be strong and that’s really hard to try and block out my thoughts and feelings.

I’ve also found as time has been going on, it’s got more difficult, as I miss him more. I think, I also find it more difficult, as people often think I’m okay now, or at least that’s how I feel they think. Grief is really difficult and it can feel so overwhelming. I think we are both still in the early stages and need to give ourselves the time we need to feel whatever we feel. I’ve decided that there is no right way or ‘shoulds’ whatever we feel at that moment is fine and however long that is, is okay too.

Just really wanted you to know that I understand how difficult it all is. That I am feeling similar pain and I’m really sorry you have also been going through this awful heartbreak.

Sending you love and strength xx

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Hi there! I totally understand as well. I lost my dad in June. I was so close to him and his only child. I agree the pain can be unbearable. I would give anything to talk to him again. My stepmom gave me his truck, and it still smells like him. A day at a time is perfect advice. He was only 74. Hang in there, and keep writing on here. Hugs to you and everyone else who is going through the same thing!

I really appreciate your kindness and support.
Totally understand with your dad’s truck.
I wear dads jumpers which gives a kind of comfort.

Sorry to hear about your dad. Our dad’s were around the same age.
Iv never felt pain like this.

This page is helping me so much already.
A big hug back to you
Thank you again

Everyone is so kind & the biggest is we all understand what each one of us is going through

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Im so sorry to hear about your dad too.
I sometimes feel I’m not going to get through the day.

This sue Ryder page has given me alot of comfort speakings to such kind people who are going through the same terrible thing.
I totally understand when you say people think your ok now not knowing that your struggling more than ever.
I’m really trying to keep it together for my mum & sister who are finding it so difficult. I want to be there for them more than anything.
Grief is so difficult.
It’s like strong waves that you can’t control.

Thank you so much for getting in touch
Wev all got each other to lean on.
I’m here if you or anyone needs to talk
Take care


@Kerry1.1…you are so right…having something of there’s that smells like them or reminds you of them is comforting. Everyone is so nice on here, and everyone is going through something similar. We are definitely not alone. Hugs to you all! :hugs: :pleading_face:

I can’t believe how much youv all done for me with your love and support.
Thank you :heart::kissing_heart:

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