Miss my husband

I lost my husband and soul mate july this year I have been trying to come to terms with this but find it so hard we were together for 30yrs now im trying to come to term’s he’s never coming back


@Nan1 welcome to the club no one wants to join and sorry for your loss. It’s nearly 7 months since my husband passed away from cancer. I am also a mum and granny. I have better days now but still plenty of bad ones. This forum has been a huge help. There’s lots of advice, banter and just talking to others who really understand. Take care.


Do not try to do anything other than get through each day…after 9 months, I’m still waiting to understand what ‘coming to terms’ with the loss of my soul mate after 59 years actually means…and so far I have no idea. Do not put pressure on yourself…use this forum…it has helped me and many others immensely…and one step at a time…small ones…sending love :heart:


@Nan1 ao sorry love . I am the same lost my soulmate after 30 yrs . It is a very different road we are all on now . Each day is different some are worse than others but it’s like riding waves being up and down . I hope talking on here helps you a little


I lost my darling Rob in July. I just try to keep busy. I’ve booked a holiday for next year as he won’t want me to put my life on hold. It’s hard, and I miss him even the snoring and remote control hogging, but baby steps to try to make life bearable for the future on my own.


Nan1 I’m in the same boat. Lost my soulmate of 35 years to a massive heart attack in July, he had just had his 69th birthday and there was no warning. It’s so hard to adjust to the loneliness and I never knew the pain that comes with the loss of your partner.


I also lost my husband in July after 30 years it feels like my world has stopped I just can’t believe he’s gone, I feel I’m trapped in a nightmare it just doesn’t seem real.


I am so very sorry for your loss x

It is a nightmare and to lose them is so painful and shocking. I have been busy all the time it’s when I stop that the horror comes back so heavily . I am living a life I didn’t want to live now . I try to have something to look forward to . They would want us to be kind to ourselves I am sure

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You’re so right it is a nightmare and extremely painful I never ever thought one day he would be gone. I love and miss him so much my poor husband :broken_heart: