Miss My Mum

Hello. I am new to this site.
I have lost my mum on the 3rd March 2020 I am only 25 and she was only 52, she had kidney failure she passed away in hospital and it was best sudden she wasnt ready to die. My mum was ill for 5 years but she never moaned how I’ll she was she enjoyed life. My mum always wanted to be a nan me and my brother both had babies and she started to enjoy life then. She passed away when my daughter was 5 months and 6 days before my birthday.

Me and my mum was best friends. We done literally everything together. We had a very special bond.

I am absolutely heartbroken. I haven’t stopped crying ever since she pass. I miss her so much still doesn’t seam real.

So Someone recommend this site for support and sharing memories. Will be nice to talk to you all xxx

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Hi Megan, I am sorry pleased someone recommended the site and I know you will find both support and answers to some of your questions. Life will seem totally strange without your mum and crying is normal and it will help to release some of the tension. In today’s world we don’t talk about either death or grief which leaves us not knowing what is normal. Your daughter will give you some strength and comfort, so please use her to help you get through the coming days and months. I know when my mum went I felt that half my world had gone and now I look at my sister who is older than me and see my mum in so many different ways. Please take care of yourselves and your little one. Reading others posts will help with all those unanswered questions and post your own memories which we will all love to read. Blessings S xx

Hi megan
I’m sorry to hear about the awful loss of your mum. I lost my 74 year old mum very suddenly to a brain hemorrhage last June. It will be a year on Sunday and I have barely stopped crying since.
My mum lived with us and we did everything together. Watched tv, clothes shopping, cinema, days out. She was my best friend and I am completely and utterly lost without her. All I want to do is tell her how hard life is without her.
I am 49 but also lost my dad suddenly when I was 27.
I do understand how you feel. Losing our mums has got to be the hardest thing we will ever go through. I try to keep myself busy with work, my daughter, read, watch tv etc but nothing takes away the constant pain.
Cheryl x

Megan95, I’m much older than you at 53. but I certainly know the agony of losing a Mum. I lost my Mum suddenly eight months ago from pneumonia and a heart attack. It was not expected.
This is a lovely supportive place, where you can get things off your chest.
Take care.

Thank you all so much.
I had a proper meltdown last night. Absolutely awful. I Felly utter loss being here by myself. I miss her so much. Literary done everything together :broken_heart: if only I can talk to her one more time xxx

Do you have other family to support you megan?
Or good friends? I know it’s not easy with lockdown and I have personally shunned support from my friends, preferring to chat regularly with a group of friends I have made on this site. Daffy being one of them.
Its hard to hear people, especially those who havent been through it, tell you to be strong, or your mum would want you to be happy, or keep yourself busy. The only comfort I have had is chatting on here to people who have actually lost a parent

Hi Megan,
I am so sorry you have lost your mum. My mum passed in April. I like you feel completely lost without her. I have days when I literally cry all day and can’t imagine not seeing mum again. I do talk to mum all the time, sometimes it helps other times it makes me cry more. Our lives will never be the same, somehow we have to use the love we have for them to keep us going. You are not alone and I find this site has helped me particularity at my very low points. Sending you a hug x

I also talk to my Mum, as it help me get things off my chest. I just talk to her empty sitting room. It’s painful, but I believe in the long run it will be healing.

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Hello yeah I had a conversation with my mum tonight had a cry aswell. It’s so very hard without my mum. I don’t even know how I’m going to do this :sob: xx

Yeah I do have family support my brother and my sister is very supportive but obviously they going through it aswell. My friends are supportive but because they haven’t lost a patent they don’t understand xx

I avoid my friends now. I can picture them rolling their eyes when I say how devastated I still am.
Lockdown suits me fine. The only other option is to say I’m ok when they ask. But I cant because I’m not ok. This time last year mum sodnt the last night at home with me and never returned from her hospital appt.
You just have to take each day as it comes x

I’m 25 too. My dad passed away very suddenly in April from a heart attack. One minute he was perfectly fine, 5 seconds later, he was gone. Absolutely cannot even begin to describe to you how hard it has been. My dad was abroad when he passed away as he had just bought his dream home with my mum. Like losing a parents isn’t bad enough, due to the lockdown and the foreign laws, we’ve had countless complications and the entire thing has been ridiculously stressful. The lockdown has ruined everything for us, from his funeral, to sorting his paperwork, and now even seeing my partner or any family/friends following his death. I’m feeling stressed, grief stricken, isolated, and unable to process it. Not sure if this comment will help in any way but since we’re a similar age, I guess I thought it’d bring either of us a hint of relief knowing we’re not entirely alone x