Miss you Dad

Iv been really struggling since Easter.
Easter dad loved. A real family day, us all together.
I was dreading this Easter and all day I just wanted to scream but I had to hold it together for mum, sister, nephew and husband because I know they were really struggling too.
There’s so much that’s happened in the last few weeks which dad would have totally held it all together and got us through it with a smile.
Miss you so much dad.
Love you so much


I can relate to this from the loss of my Dad, but it was years ago. It took me a good few years to stop getting tearful at the thought or mention of him. I have just lost my husband, and my grief is huge, but at the same time I’m witnessing the grief my children are going through at losing their Dad. It’s really affecting them, my two and two from his first marriage, all different, all in their own way, but all suffering. It’s been three months now. For me it’s getting worse. The only blessing for them is they have their own lives, kids etc. that force them to keep going and focus on something else. It’s also their problem at the same time, as they don’t have the space to grieve. I have all day every day. It’s a luxury I suppose.

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I’m sorry sorry Angelina to hear of your loss.
Sending you lots of love and a hug.
It truly is the worst pain iv ever felt.
It was last August dad died and it still feels so raw and I feel the pain is getting worse.

Sue Ryder site has been such a comfort for me and everyone is so lovely and caring.

Take care of yourself.
Take each day at a time

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Thank you Kerry. In a way, it doesn’t matter in the end who the person was to you, father or husband, if the pain feels like the worst pain you’ve ever felt, then it is the worst pain you’ve ever felt, and that is hard for anyone.