Miss you

I lost my husband two years ago, when my baby boy was only 2 weeks old. It was a heart attack so all happened so quickly, I had no time to say goodbye. He was only 40 and no doctor believed him when he said he had chest pains, he was healthy and strong. It’s coming up to two years now and I am struggling more than ever. The pain is getting stronger and I’m missing him every single day. Not a day goes by when I don’t think of him, I wish he was here.


10 months since my husband passed and i feel like im missing him more not less i think its because as the reality dawns, you realise all thst you have lost. Not just the physical person, but their love, their care, the security they gave you - all that - gone :frowning: take care. I know its a rough road indeed … at least you have you baby boy … cherish him . I bought a puppy and she means world to me. My children are grown up with their own lives and so its very hard. I can share with them how i feel but theyre not here to feel his lack of presence which i miss so much everyday … xxx


So sorry to hear about your loss, it must have been incredibly hard just after having a baby. I hope you are getting lots of love and support from your friends and family. :heart:


I’m sorry at such a young age, you are going through this terrible journey of loss.
Death is so hard to manage, we are all different with different stories but the grief is something we share.

Some say the 2nd year is harder but I think every year will be hard until you are in a better place.

I’m 9 months down and the struggle is real, despite my positive or maybe stubborn outlook, I do have days that are hard and I expect that to always be there.

The life we once knew is gone, the life we had planned is gone but there is a future that I’m sure your husband would want you to access.

I hope you are getting support from family and friends. Maybe counseling could help now your further along the road, just to have someone to talk to or just keep reaching out here. There are many here in the same position as yourself.
Take care.