Missing mum


I’m having a really bad day and just wanted to reach out and have my day and talk to someone .

I’ve lived with mum for the last 7 years after moving home from abroad so we had such a close bond. Holidays together etc.

I lost mum back in March and am missing h her so much.

Over the last week or so I cat stop crying I don’t really know why but feel so emotional and haven’t really been like this .

Gaz x


Thinking of you Gaz, my mum passed away suddenly 10 days ago. I also feel numb, sad, angry and just like my world has completely stopped.

You arent alone, you will miss her and your heart will ache so badly, but thats because you love her.

Go easy on yourself, its still very recent and very raw. What you are feeling is completely normal.

Here if you need a chat, thinking of you.


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Hi. I lost my mum a month ago and like you, we were extremely close. My dad passed away seven years ago and I’m the only child, so I was her support. I am totally lost now. I feel your pain, blimey it’s awful isn’t it? I am not sure about you, but I don’t know how I am still standing. I do know why - because she would want me to. Every time I feel like my guts are being eaten up, I think of how she would want me to go on.

Hi Gaz757,
I lost my mum last Dec and like you have some days that are really bad and I feel so depressed and down. There are no magic words or things you can do except keep strong and busy and know that everything passes.
I still feel I am living a nightmare and i will wake up and this all hasn’t happened.
I think we have to get used to starting a totally new life now and one we didnt want. It is so hard to carry on.
People do not have a clue what its like unless they have gone through it. This is the price we pay for loving someone so much.
I try to carry on each day and just try to get through the day. I have cried every day since the day mum passed on Dec 30th last year. The tears are always waiting to start as everything reminds me of her. She was my world in every sense of the word.
Post as often as you want to because we are all in the same boat on this awful journey.
Deborah x


Hi Tor-seren, it really is like being hit by a bus. I was the same lost dad 8 years ago to cancer, but my mum was a complete shock and happened within 5 hours just 11 days ago. She didnt even want to go to hospital, but I now put that down to blood loss and not thinking straight at the time. My mum and dad would want me to carry on too and do the best for their grandchildren.

I must admit I am struggling as the coroner is investigating mums death, so I haven’t been able to do anything. Its horrible as I want get things organised for her, but maybe its a blessing as I can just sit with my feelings and try to get my head around it all.

I know in time, it will get easier. Im struggling with accepting that I now dont have both parents. I feel like I have been robbed and a massive part of me is now missing.

Its a dreadful pain that eats you up inside, but I am getting a little comfort thinking that they are together. We will never know until its our time, but its what Im holding onto.

Sending hugs to everyone and sorry we are all in this heartbreaking situation. It is testament though that they were a massive part of our lives and that we loved them and they loved us. I know in time it will get easier, and thats what Im holding on to.

Kindest thoughts and best wishes to everyone.



Hi Deborah, thats exactly how I feel. You feel like a rabbit caught in headlights. You want to run away from it all. Sorry for your loss too, but like you said it will get a little easier in time. But its like waves which knock you off your feet.

Sending hugs,


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The pain is the most unbearable pain ever. Nothing prepared me for it and it comes in waves and hits me when I least expect it to
Am thinking of you
Deborah x


Hi Gaz757, sorry for your loss. I lost my mum at Christmas and we too had the same relationship you had with your mum. It’s like a double loss isn’t it!..she was my best friend and my biggest cheerleader. I was living with her when she passed away. I was nearly 9 months pregnant too. Now beautiful little boy is here it’s even more painful as she would have adored him. I find myself bursting into tears too. Talk about your mum and the wonderful woman she was, that’s helped me, i also try to keep busy to cope. She’s with you in everything you do


Hi Gaz. Hope you’re coping ok. It’s an awful journey but we are all gets to help each other through it.
I know what you are going through and it’s the hardest thing. Look after yourself

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