Missing my Dad

Am not coping with the loss of my beautiful Dad, my heart is broken, I thought I would be stronger than this but am in bits I feel a failure for not being strong enough to deal with his loss, I don’t know were to turn, inside am screaming with pain but outside am trying to look normal, I can’t sleep and am just drifting from day to day , how do I get through this?

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Hi Irene, I’m so sorry for the loss of your Dad, losing a parent is always awful, you go through a gambit of emotions after a bereavement, deep sadness, guilt, anger all of which are normal, everybody grieves differently, what you are feeling at the moment is normal, you need to take a day at a time, I hope you are getting some support from your family and friends, I’m sure you will get support from this site, there is always somebody who is going through the same thing, take care Jude xx

Thanks Jude your reply is appreciated xxx

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Hi there,
I feel your pain and also recently lost my father. I am absolutely heartbroken as well. Please don’t beat yourself for not being strong. If you are waking up in the morning and accomplishing something (making breakfast, answering messages, anything) then you are coping. I’m learning as the past the few months have gone by that there’s no right way to grieve…you just have to BE. Feel the emotions, cry when you need to cry. I’m absolutely devastated and going to work every day. At the end of the day, I shake off my work persona and become the girl that’s lost her father. It’s so hard balancing responsibilities and grief. Please cut yourself some slack for what you’re feeling.

My 13 year old cant get to school today x sobbing near school had to fetch him xx Hes devastated cause we lost his dad . He starting to be anxious in crowds at school xx Its been 9/10 weeks now and hes struggling more each day , I dont want to force him or push him because of effecting him mentally x

Hi Tracy5

Can the school help with anything? When I lost my mum suddenly 23 months ago,who was a 2nd mum to my daughter, the school offered group activity sessions for children who were grieving.

It looked really good except my daughter only wanted 1 to 1 counselling so she didnt end up doing it, but might something like that help your son?

There the usual school councillor but that’s about it x no one else grieving , no groups , no help covid stopped all that xx

That’s a shame Tracy. I think there are some online groups for children suffering bereavement but your son probably needs time and to come to terms with things his own way. I know my daughter did although she still has bad days. Girls are better at talking with friends as well.

Thank you xxxx