Missing my dad 😢

Hi, I am new to the group, I lost my dad 7 weeks ago :cry: it is so hard, I am child 6 out of 9 but daughter 5 out of 6 girls, we are all over 40 and after 11 years of dad having dementia he passed away :broken_heart: thankfully we were all with dad when he passed as we cared for dad at home. Mum done an amazing job looking after dad a lot on her own 24/7, we helped out as much as mum would let us, we went around during the day and we all had a night that we stayed over with them, but it is still hard to accept that dad has gone :cry: .

I just feel so sick all the time and feel as if I have something stuck in my throat but I can’t shift this feeling.

I do not talk much about how I am feeling u til now, I don’t like to burden my friends as they have their own families to think about , I don’t talk to my family members about how I feel as they are all struggling too and if I talk I :sob:.

Sorry for the long post.


Hey @Daughter5 Im so sorry to hear that you’ve lost your dad. I’m in a similar place having lost mine in January. The pain is horrific and it’s like nothing I’ve ever felt or imagined before. We’re both in the very early stages of grief so I don’t think you should be expecting it to ease just yet.We’re going through a massive life change, the sudden absence of someone who’s been there for us every day of our lives, loving, helping and supporting us as children and adults. Coping with that is a very long process. I’ve been told it’s at least a year before you even feel slightly normal again. My advice would be just let the tears flow, try to distract yourself when you feel strong enough whether it’s by working, going for walks or just watching TV, and talk to people who’ve been through it (nobody else can possibly understand). You’ll find many people on here who are struggling and will help just by listening and sharing their own experiences.
Take care of yourself, don’t put any pressure on yourself and keep posting when you need to.
Jack x


I lost my mum on the 8th of February to cancer was very sudden and feel all over the place not felt like this before miss her so much spoke to her two or 3 times a day. sometimes I’m ok sometimes I feel like someones hit me with a bat

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Hi it is so hard, every child has a special bond with their parent in some way but I think that dads and daughters have a priceless bond.

I am sorry to read about your loss :heart:

I am just fed up people saying you need to get back to work you need to move forward it is what your would of wanted but I tried that I went back to work and I have now spent the last 2 days in bed just so down. :broken_heart: xx

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It is hard when you are in constant contact with them, like you I spoke to them anything up to 10 times a day, dad didn’t know who I was but he loved to chat and we would FaceTime and laugh and talk and sing every night and I miss that :broken_heart:

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I’m so sorry to hear about your loss, I lost my dad on 1st March to cancer, he was only diagnosed on 30th December. It was a horrible road and one that I still haven’t quite accepted or acknowledged. It feels like I have a constant ache in my heart and that a black cloud follows me around.

I have lost count the amount of people that have told me that time makes things easier. But I certainly don’t believe them at this point, one thing I will say is that your grief is your own and there is no right or wrong way to do that. The best thing I’ve found is to just try and tackle whichever situation is in front of you, don’t look too far ahead because that can be overwhelming.

Talking can be very difficult, I’ve found it very hard as I can see how much my dads death is affecting my step mum. But she said that it has actually helped her when I’ve shown my emotions and opened up, I guess it makes her feel like she’s not on her own and maybe that’s what you need too.

Sending my thoughts and prayers for your loss.


Hi @Sarden

It is so hard thoughts are with you :heart:

15 weeks tomorrow you are gone dad, :cry: it has been hard to say the least :broken_heart: . I have a robins nest in my backyard beside my back door :heart: is this a sign that my dad is watching over me? I have tried to upload a pic but I don’t think it has worked.