Missing my dad

Lost my dad 5 months ago and can’t get over that he’s gone. I am only ok when I’m busy but I am very good at pretending I’m fine when I’m really not.


Hi there, so sorry for your loss. I can really empathise with you. I lost my Dad 3 months ago, and a week ago I lost my Grandma (his Mum). For me I have found bereavement therapy helpful - have you look into this? I would say, as hard as it can be, try and lean into the feelings when they come up. Its one of the hardest things we go through in life. Thinking of you during this time


Hi Sunshine,

I’m very sorry for your loss.

It will soon be six months since I lost my Dad and I miss him terribly!

I keep busy which does help but I still cry everyday. I have found myself on a slightly more even keel lately but when the more debilitating grief hits (night time) and random days and weeks it’s overwhelming.

I don’t really know how my life will look from here on in. It almost feels like my grief is another person or presence that walks along side me or maybe that’s my Dad. I have come to accept that my feelings can change from one minute to the next and as Pippa has said, leaning into the feelings.

You are not alone.


Thank you both. I just feel tired of keeping busy and like I’ve lost my anchor. My dad was fabulous and although elderly had a very young outlook. It has also made me think about my longevity as There is no longer a generation above me x


I am sorry for your loss also. It’s so hard x

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