Missing my daddy

I’m 29 and 4 months ago to the day my daddy passed away after a short battle with cancer.
I miss him every day.
Before he got sick he worked from home and I would take my daughter to mum and dad’s house most days so we could spend our day together between his clients and my job.
I have always been a daddys girl.
I’m finding it really really hard to find a new routine now seeing dad every day isn’t an option.
i have friends and can do play dates but I feel like I’m struggling to want to socialise with others who don’t know or understand my situation.
I’m a happy person and practice mindfulness which has already helped me massively since dad passed to keep my head in a clear place (although we all have those terrible dark days) but when people who have no clue tell me that they understand it makes me feel crazy inside. My dad was my best friend, my go to guy and know one else could possible know how it feels.

Hello Katie, I want to welcome you to our Online Community. I really hope that you will find some comfort when you get messages from others who are going through similar tough times as you.

It must have been so difficult for you to see your dear daddy get ill and die - from what you say, you shared a wonderful relationship with him. It is only a short while since your loss, and I think you must still be trying to make sense of what has happened.

I’m glad that you find mindfulness helps, and I don’t think anyone else can really feel and understand all your mixed emotions. Please try and share with your Mum about how you are both feeling - hopefully in time you will be able to recall some of the lovely times you spent with your father.
Take care of yourself, Jackie