Missing my daughter

My daughter died January just gone it was sudden I miss her so badly everyday is a nightmare I just lay in my bed all day as the more I sleep the less I have to think

Hello, I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter, I wish I could give you words of comfort but I cannot as we lost our lovely daughter Dawn last December, and you are right it is a living nightmare that will not go away. I am so pleased with mself as I actualy managed to put her lovely photo out yesterday and I wish I had done it earlier. so I talk to her like she is still here…i am seeing another medium on Saturday so hoping to pick up a little bit more. Do try and keep yourself busey try and plan your day the day before so you have got something to motifate yourself to get up I know its hard I realy know how you feel I could quite easily give up but I know our darling girls would not want us to. Please tell me something about your daughter,and yourself I would love to know . Take care Maddie

Dearest Chelsea.so sorry to hear about your darling daughter.my sharryn my lovely girl past away October last.its a year on Tuesday.all I can say is I know your purgatory.I was going insane with the pain and loss.how we all on here carry on I do not know.?I carry on for my grandchild’s sake the daughter of my girl.we just try and hold it together but its really really hard.we on here are all here for you.it is a nightmare that we are all living through.I don’t know how my heart still keeps beating.its crushed to sand.hugs to you.Annette.xxx

Hi Annette, thinking of you on this very sad day,the first annivery you lost your darling Sharryn love and hugs Maddie xxxxxxxxxxxx