Missing my father

Hi im new to this site but i am really struggling with the death of my father its coming up to the first anniversary of his death on the 26th of this month and i am dreading it for the last year i have been finding it hard to cope i cared for my dad for 15 years and was the one by his side when he passed and havent been able to get on with life i feel so aloan i have family but they dont understand how i feel i feel list and its as if my life has came to a stand still for over the past year i really miss him and cry often i only hope i stay strong on his anniversary .

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Hello @forbess, thank you for reaching out the community. I am so sorry for the loss of your dad. As his carer for 15 years as well as his daughter, it’s understandable that you feel your life has come to a standstill.

Many of our members have lost a parent and will understand some of what you’re going through. We also have an article on Losing a parent which you might find helpful.

The first anniversary can be so difficult. Cruse have an article with some ideas on how to get through the day: https://www.cruse.org.uk/understanding-grief/managing-grief/coping-with-anniversaries-and-reminders/

We will be thinking of you too - please do reach out for support.

Take care

I really sympathise with you Forbes. I think when you lose someone you have been a carer for, it is a bit like losing a child. I cared for my Dad for seven years and his death is very complex for me - he was my beloved Dad but he was also someone I protected and thought about all the time - his needs, his comfort, his welfare, his safety. It seems as though the wound of loss cannot heal, but I believe that in time, and with help, it will. May you find comfort and peace, gradually. How marvellous that you were able to look after your dear Father.

Aww thankyou and im so sorry to here about your father also my father suffered a massive stroke and was bed bound and deteriorated in time i feel so lost without him as im sure you do too thankyou for your kind words and i really hope you as the same as me find your meaning in life now .

We were blessed to have good dads, I guess : )
Take care Forbes. Especially this week.

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Hi I lost my dad too I’m new to this and I’m struggling with his absence and miss him deeply he was only family I had and now I’m alone with my partner leveing him to deel with my mental health issues which have gone bad over last 2 years so I hope ucan help me as much I can help you if u like ?

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Hello Leash. I’m so sorry for the loss of your dad and the pain and vulnerability you are feeling. It is really tough when a rock of support is taken away isn’t it? Know that you are not alone and that people here understand what you are going through ‘from the inside’. My dad has been gone for some time but I’d still give so much to see him again. He kept me going through some very tough times. I hope your day has some light moments and you can smile a while. …

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I’m with you my friend x I don’t know you but I love you, keep strong, and seek me out x I feel your pain x

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Hi how can u help me i just need closure or something to tell me he is there or happy something but iv lost sll hope n faith i lost my children to social services at same time so im rely bitter and angry all time i dono wat to do

Hi, how are doing