Missing my mam

It’s been 7 months since mam passed away suddenly. Struggling so much lately miss her so much. Not getting easier but harder each day


Feel for you. I lost my mum 2 months ago. It’s very early days for me. I miss her terribly. I try to keep busy. One day at a time. Do you have support? Friends or family that you can chat to, about how you feel? x

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So sorry for your loss too. Not much support so it’s tough. Trying everyday to be strong but struggling


We’re all in this together. :two_hearts:

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I lost my mum 4 months ago and they say it gets easier over time but sometimes I feel like it’s getting harder x


I lost my beautiful mum 6 weeks ago and it all feels very raw at the moment, just when I think I’m ok I fall apart again :broken_heart:


Sorry for your loss @youareunbelievable , @Jess1 , @Lozz2, @Wattie - it is a most terrible feeling to lose our mums. It has been nearly 6 months for me and I must say the last few weeks have been more of a struggle. I think for me the initial shock and practicalities got in the way so now it is hitting me again. So I think we are all early in our grief and we will continue to have ups and downs and at the moment we probably all don’t see how it will get better. Probably won’t be easier, just a new normal at some point.

Yesterday my Son got his final grade for his Degree and I was very happy then instantly upset because the first thing I thought was - I can’t share this with my Mum and I have no one to share this news with. She would have been so pleased and like her, the first person to send him a card. So a moment of joy that I found I couldn’t really enjoy like I should. We will all have triggers like this in the months and years I am sure.

@Wattie must be so tough for you so recently. My mum was 70 and I thought that was way too early - was sudden with no warning. @Jess1 your mum was so young, so sorry.

As was said by @youareunbelievable we are in this together on this site and it has helped me over the last couple of weeks.

All my thoughts with you all.


Hi, I felt the same when my son recently went to his end of school prom. He was all dressed up, I took photos and thought Mum would love these… I really missed sharing this lovely occasion with her. Like you say, there will be many moments like this as time goes by…:broken_heart: xx

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Hugs to everyone. My Mum died in April and It’s been harder recently too. I got a greyhound 2 weeks ago and It’s so sad she’ll never meet him. Little things like that knock you back x