Missing my mum

I just wish my mum was still here but as I lost her on the 3rd March 2020 after she suffered from a massive stroke and never regained consciousness.
I just want to speak to her as I have got to go into hospital on the 8th April 2021 for a 2nd attempt at having a colonoscopy examination. The first time I couldn’t tolerate the pain when they tried with Entenox and then a local anesthetic. This time being done under a general anaesthetic and being kept in overnight. Only a low fibre diet from Monday until 3pm day before then only liquids and taking 2 lots of laxatives.
I just wish I could still talk to her about it. I do keep photos up of her surrounded by her favourite flowers :bouquet:.

Steve065, please take it slowly because you are still grieving, it’s not just emotions but physical that is being attack by your grief. I shall be thinking of you and I know you will be fine because your mum will be there watching. S xx

Thanks for your very kind words SUSIE123
I will be glad when next Thursday is over and I might have some answers to what I have been suffering from. Been in agony with my stomach and been taken twice by ambulance to the hospital and the 2nd time kept in for 4 nights and given antibiotics and morphine intravenously.

Steve065 thinking of you I lost my mum suddenly in February,she always gave me strength and encouragement.
Good luck with your operation and hoping your recovery is smooth as it can be
Take care Perth

Thank you very much for your kind reply. It is a colonoscopy examination that I am having done. 2nd attempt as the first time they tried with Entenox and then a local anesthetic I couldn’t tolerate the pain whatsoever, I was in tears and screaming my head off. So this time being done under a general anaesthetic and be kept in over night.