Missing my mum

I have just joined this forum today as im looking for advice and support. I lost my Mum in a very tragic way back in March of this year. My mum wasnt just my mum, she was my best friend, she went into hospital due to seizures, nobody was allowed to go with her because the hospital were experiencing a lot of covid cases. She went very confused after seizures and it was noted that she was not to be left alone, for whatever reason the nurse left her alone, she fell off a trolley face first and suffered a cardiac arrest, they managed to bring her around but she suffered a catastrophic brain bleed from the fall, they didn’t expect her to live but she battled on for a week, they refused to operate on her as the bleed was so bad and they said she would have no quality of life. My mum was 69 and im 39. Im struggling so bad, kept having nightmares that i was seeing her fall off the trolley and id wake up just as her face hit the floor :frowning: i have been prescribed amitriptyline and thats helped me to sleep as its had a sedative effect. However when im awake im having good days and bad. Today is a bad day where i cant stop crying and i dont know how to get through it. I just want to speak to people who understand, i want someone to tell me it will get easier as right now i dont think it will. I miss her so badly.


I am SO sorry. how awful for you both. just know she no longer hurts. taken though much too soon. it takes years.

my mother died in 2016. she was the only protection I know.
it eases but after a long time. I am really so sorry.

Hello Danirose25
Im so sorry I just want to hug you I cant give you answer because I need answes my self but just keep talking on her it might help you can alway talk on here. A listing ear is so good to have it dosen’ t get any easyer you just learnhow to talk about your mom and travel your journey with them in your heart and memeries at your side xxx alway here for you xxx

Thank you, i think being on here helps, ive read a few posts now and knowing that people are in the same boat helps because i can speak to people who truly understand. I am also sorry about your mum, its reassuring to know that at some point the hurt may ease. Thank you for your reply it means a lot xxx

Thank you Kim, i only joined this forum last night and im already finding it a massive comfort. Im struggling at home because nothing like this has ever happened to anyone I know, friends and partner still have both parents so it doesnt feel like theyll ever understand. I sincerely hope that you get all of the answers that u need and that u truly deserve Kim. Thank you so much for your reply x im good at talking but also a good listener so if ever u need to reach out then know that im here xxx

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Hello Daniros25
Like wise if you need to talk to some that understand what its like to have lost someone so special the hurt the numbness the feeling sick the lack of direction and the tierdness you will find me here to talk to xxx

Thank you so much Kim that means a lot. Im so sorry for the long reply, i never got a notification to say you had replied. How are you today? Xz

Hello Danirose
My head feels like it about to pop and a little bit shakie but ok thank you. how are you?

Would u like to talk about it? X im ok thank you Kim, i spoke to the psychic tracey woolterton the other day, i used to massively not believe in them at all but i paid her 20.00 and could ask one question only, i asked her if mum had a message for me. She told me that stuff that made me have a lot of faith in her. Im massively synical usually but im actually thinking of paying for a full reading as i think it will provide comfort. X there are bad days and worse days arent there? Im always here if u want to chat xx

Danirose25 Thank you very much for the chat I just think Im just coming down with a cold had a few naps today and taken a pain killer feel a bit better just feel a soar throat. My partner went to see a psychic after he lost his parents. I am very muchi into all that comunicating after death. I am glad you had some comfort xxx

Yes its kind of give me comfort that shes still around, i have never known what to believe really but she told me things that she can’t possibly have known! Im sorry your not feeling too well. I hate this time of year, there are so many coughs and colds around at the moment and of course covid! Plenty of rest will do you the world of good. I have my first therapy session on Tuesday, looking forward to seeinf how that pans out.xxx

Hi Danirose25
I hope your therapy session on Tuesday went well xxx

Hey Kim
How are you? Hope you are feeling better. The therapy session went really well, she explained so much to me so i felt so much more positive after it, im gonna carry on with it for a bit to see how it goes xxx

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Yes thanks feelinv a little better. Sounds like the threapy session went well. Sending much love xxx