Missing my mum

I lost my mum over a year ago now, but recently it has felt like it happened yesterday.

I have a little girl who is two and and half and thought that she will never know my mum is completely overwhelming.

I’m finding myself crying constantly in secret and not knowing how to face the day.

I can’t help but feel like I should be ‘fine’ by now so don’t want to bother friends and my husband etc. they just say it will get better with time. But the fact she will never know my daughter will never go away and this will never get better.

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Hi there. I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my mum in May and I am still navigating my way through this grief. Why do you expect that you should be ‘fine by now’? Of course you won’t be. They often say the second year is worse than the first (sorry to be disheartening). Your grief is your own and no-one elses. It take as long as it takes. I think that most of us live with the grief for the rest of our lives unfortunately, but although it stays the ‘same’ we grow around the grief, if that makes sense.
It’s very sad that your daughter is never going to meet your mum. I’m guessing you have photos and perhaps videos of her? So you can always tell her that was ‘your mum’, ‘her grandma’, and what a special lady she was, but she is no longer here, but she will be somewhere special and looking out for her.
I believe that our loved ones are around us, I really do. They do say that our loved ones are right by our side, at every moment. I do believe your mum sees you and your daughter and I think we have to be comforted that there is something out there in the ‘afterlife’ that only time will tell. xx