Missing my parents

My Dad died 19 May 19 and Mum on 8 June 20, I feel so full of grief and no one really to talk to. I think some are a bit bored with it and I get look to the future talks. I miss them so much and am just alone no siblings or family just me.

Hi Claire, we all get “look to the future” talks but it is so difficult to do so when people you love are not here. You will find people who know what you’re going through here, so please keep posting.

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Hi claire,
My mum died suddenly a year ago from a sudden brain haemorrhage. My dad died nearly 22 years ago from a sudden massive heart attack. I’m fortunate that there was a 21 year gap between both deaths but the loss of mum made me grieve my dad again. It’s been a horrendous year. I have a sister but we arent close. My partner and daughter change the subject if I mention mum and I still cry several times a week. I completely understand the loneliness of grieving no matter how many people surround you.
To lose your parents so close together must be awful.
Cheryl x

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Claire, you must feel absolutely devastated losing both, my heart goes out to you. Trying to tell people about how you feel is difficult when they have no idea how one feels when grieving, that’s why this site is loved by so many people. Everyone on here knows what it’s like and many have lost parents in a similar time scale to yourself and will reach out and support you. You will be able to see the sunshine and enjoy the colours of the rainbow but it does take time. Read other posts but always remember we are always here and will always listen. Take care particularly with the present situation. Bless you xx