Missing my parents

Hi everyone I’m new to this online bereavement my friend told me about it
I’m struggling I lost my mum 4 years ago I was by her side when she took her last breath and 3 months ago I lost my dad
I miss Them every single day


Hi @Babyspice1 so sorry for your losses. You will probably continue to miss your parents dearly. There’s no expiry date on grief. I think when we lose the ones we love, we’re hurled onto an emotional roller coaster for the rest of time.
I lost both of my parents a few months ago. My mum passed away and then 3 days after my mum’s funeral, I lost my dad.
Initially, I was in shock and disbelief, trying to navigate from one emotional to another. After my dad’s funeral, I tried hard to get back to some kind of ‘norm’ and I thought I was doing ok until a few weeks ago, BAM! I’m back to that dark place again. I have to keep telling myself, one step in front of the other. It helps me not to look too far into the future.
Do you have siblings you can talk to?


Hi @Babyspice1 ,
My mom passed 2 years ago, & I still miss her, I guess more so when I’m going through rough times, & medical stuff. November last year I had my tonsils out, I remember waking up in the recovery ward, then onto the ward where, though nurses came in & out to check on me, & took very good care of me, I was alone, :pensive: I couldn’t help thinking, if mom had been alive, she would of waited for me coming out of surgery, & she would of stayed with me, right by my side, & at home, she would of looked after me properly, she would of sat with me watching TV, or box sets, fussing round me asking if I’m warm enough, sadly the reality without her was somewhat different. The really sad thing is, now I’m ill again with other stuff, things that mean again going to hospital, & I’m scared, I miss my mom.


I think that’s probably the worst part, when you’re not feeling well, because I think we all remember that when we are ill, we just want our mums. xx


I lost my mum 4 years ago my best friend I was by her bed side when she took her last breath
My husband cheated on me 2 years ago so had that to deal with
Then my dad got poorly was caring for him then he passed away 3 months ago
I have 3 brothers so I’ve been having to do everything regarding dads stuff and still doing it
I have friends but I’m having to do it all

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Hi @Babyspice1
I know from experience caring for someone on your own is exhausting, & very overwhelming. Just a suggestion, but maybe talk to your doctor about how your feeling, & ask about support in your area, & feel free to talk anytime on this forum, there are always people in listen, & we all support eachother.
Just being curious, you don’t have to answer this question if you don’t want to, but why are your brothers not helping?