Missing my partner

My partner died 4 weeks ago after a one year battle with cancer . He was diagnosed just before the first lockdown and passed away one year to the day of diagnosis. After 22 years I can’t bear him being gone . Everything has changed so much and despite all the chemo etc , he only got one year


Dear Michellep33,

After 22 years together it must be so hard for you to have lost the love of your life to cancer. 59 is still so young. Lockdown must have made the last year you had together extra difficult. Were you able to so spend as much time together as possible and to do many of the things you wanted to do? Are you having any support at the monent from family and friends? It is good that you have joined this online community. I hope you will find some comfort in reading posts and replies from other women who have lost their husband and who will understand how you feel.