missing my soulmate

Unlesss its someone who has lost a husband/wife there will be no answer they can give youto help, I feel like a alien, and lonliness makes it worse…I am young at heart but feel feel held back in life
just hoping some thing or someone, will be the answer to help

Me too my husband was soul.mate my safety my rock and my Knight, I was in a bad place when.i met him and he pulled me out of it. He made all my dreams come true I thought I would grow old with him. I’m mourning the loss of our future together and how he won’t see his daughter at her prom or see her get married or see our grandkids.

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Me to. I’m scared to live a life. My husband was my soul mate. We did almost everything together. Went to football matches and travelled all over the country. I’m scared to do these things on my own. Am going to his brothers next week. They were very close. I have mixed feelings about going, but I have to break the ice sometime.