missing my wife

Hi my story is the same as many on here ,my wife suffered from cancer or many years ,breast cancer, skin cancer but we thought she was clear of it all intil 5 years ago when she noticed a lump on her side the dreaded skin cancer had returned ,several tumors on her back and side they were inoperable and terminal. She went on trial drugs and every thing well no sign of disease that was until May last year when she suffered an aneurism and discovering the cancer had moved to her brain we had 3 months of hospital visits with further bleeds on the brain the last one was for two weeks returned home and died 3 days later I’m hospital that was on the 17 of August 2021 painlessly.
Two weeks later my big brother died of covid he was so funny and supportive of us and what was happening will miss our chats, so 2021 was a bad year(understatement).
Since then it’s been hard to move on or have any real interest in life. I managed to get through Christmas with the aid of my daughters and a few drinks.
I’ve been avoiding sleeping in our own flat by staying with one of my daughters but feel I must take the steps to get living again (that’s what Carole would have wanted) so I’m going to make the first step of moving back to my own place I know that sleep will be hard but to be honest it’s hard now like most other things.
I met Carole when she was 16 I was 17 I’m 63 now we were married for 43 years and were best friends apart from the love of my life and did everything together so I will
miss so many things having a kiss goodnight and good morning hug, being told when I’m being stupid and making decisions together and many other things some I haven’t even thought about yet.



Hi Mcbear, I’m sorry for you loss, what a terrible time you have had.
I lost my soulmate and best friend on Nov 13th 2021 very suddenly and unexpectedly.
My life has been turned upside down as we had moved away from my hometown to start a new chapter in our lives, we bought a little cott on the coast and Pete and I were working hard to get it the way we wanted it but Pete only got to live here 6 months and 3 days, he went out jogging and collapsed and died instantly, I never got a chance to say goodbye.
Unlike you I had to stay living here as my family are 3 and a half hour drive away, I started sleeping on his side of the bed hugging his pillow. I still have all his things around me and they do bring me comfort,
Pete was a very tactile man I I really miss my hand in his and he gave the best hugs.
It’s so very hard and lonely, the only thing that keeps me going are my 2 greyhounds.
Take care


Sorry to here of your loss.
Take care

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