Missing sharing my days with my dad

Frustrating not been able to share how my days have been recently with my dad. Miss talking to him and hearing his voice. Just been to watch a band called Sherlocks in Sheffield thought cant wait to talk to my dad about it and how good it was. But realised I won’t be able to. As time goes on without him in my life I miss talking to him so much. Frustrating and still feel lost and miss the father figure i always looked up to.


good dads are a child’s best friend. I am on a business trip producing a story and I wish I could tell my dad the details. he was a good adviser to me, as well.

it really stinks. be glad you were so close.


Both mums and dads are special particular if you have had a brilliant childhood. We miss them when they are no longer with us. Take care both of you. S xx