Missing stepdad (duplicate post as didn't see this category)

I miss stepdad so much. The funeral, wake and cremation is done, the costs are thankfully sorted with by a grant and the last of whatever savings we had. But that’s beside the shit point.

There are no words that explains the emptiness or the holes left behind. The laughter and happiness of our family unit is gone. The safety net has been destroyed. It is lonely and pictures, flowers, words of condolences won’t bring him back.

I hate cancer. Why him, why us. So many why’s and unfairness. I feel cheated and broken. Why is all I’m left with.

Jembella, I am so sorry for your loss. It’s just so hard being left with why all the time. We lost our 22 year old son in June to SADS sudden arrhythmia death syndrome & I constantly live with why…it’s heartbreaking :broken_heart:
Sending love and strength to you & everyone suffering x

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im very sorry for your loss too. it is soul destroying, fatiguing, heartbreaking and just empty without those we love. life isn’t the same one bit. and i wish life was different again. it hurts

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