Missing them badly right now

I lost my Dad in 2019, Mum in 2020, and my darling wife in 2021, the three most important and influential people in my life, they were gone in what seems like a flash, sometimes I feel like I am doing well and coping, right now and in the build up to this Christmas its hurting badly.
My Grieving seems to come in waves generally when I feel good, it hits me like a steam train and literally takes my breath away, everywhere I go is a trigger as we done everything together, perfumes, voices, women of a similar build, locations.
I do occasionally ask myself why me, what did we do to deserve this, there’s no answer to that question.


I am so sorry for the major losses in your life - you have every right to ask “why me”. It is so unfair that people who you love dearly are taken from you.
My husband died suddenly 2 weeks ago after 20 very happy years together- with so many more for us to look forward to.
My 1st husband died when we had been married for 7 years and had a 3 year old son. My son is now 26 and is my absolute rock. I ask the same question - why have 2 of the most amazing men been taken from me and why has my son lost his devoted Dad and his guiding and wonderful step dad.
So many reminders and triggers for you - hopefully in time they will bring happier feelings and memories.
Be kind to yourself - this community cares about you.


Thank you for your kind response, I guess part of this sadness at the moment is the time of year, I also have a young son who was 14 when mum died, Sandra loved Christmas, and everything associated with it, the sense of loss sometimes is over powering thankfully I have my son to focus on, as he gets older he stays with friends over weekends, it means I spend most weekends on my own.
I am so sorry to hear of your recent loss, it sounds like life been cruel you also, god bless, I hope that you can find happiness, you thoroughly deserve it.

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I feel your pain deeply…my father gone my partner so recently gone…my mother has lung spot slow growing but its there they watching it and she so poorly i fear for her and for myself as i love her so very much…i have 2 sons with broken hearts and i have to be their rock and comfort but who can comfort me my friends have disappeared such as they were,losing the pivotal people who we build our world around is the most horrendous experience…how to come to terms with loving and losing is not easy…i feel for you i really do…god bless you god bless us all here

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