Missing You at Christmas

We used to love this time of year
But now everything I see
Reminds me just how much I wish
That you were back here with me

For it’s little things I notice
That so fill my heart with pain
Such as reading Christmas greetings
With no mention of your name

And its lights may be twinkling
But the tree’s forlorn now too
Because underneath its branches
Lay no gifts from me to you

But wherever you are Alan
I hope somehow you will know
That you’re in my thoughts this Christmas
For I’ll always love you so


Ahh, that’s so lovely, very heartfelt .
It is so hard for us all , even harder at this time of year.
The verse where you write about reading Christmas greetings and the presents under the tree has made me cry, this is the new reality for us all.
I wish you a calm and peaceful Christmas and I am sure Alan will be with you in spirit and in your heart.


@Alone1 That’s really beautiful & poignant, especially the 2nd & 3rd verses. Strikes a chord with everyone. Xx


Thank you for posting such lovely words and sentiments. Reflects how t feel at the moment. x

Beautiful :heart:

I’ve just cried through the film White Christmas. My husband Philip died on 19th September and it still hurts so much. We used to watch this movie together and I felt so lonely without him by my side. Tomorrow I will be with my daughter and her family, but I will find it hard to face the day. I’ve laid a place at the table for him even though I know he isn’t here. I’m hoping he will be with us in spirit.

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Hi Retired 2
I’ve just done exactly the same with a film. I feel your pain and devastation. I lost my husband in August this year and am finding this time of year increasingly painful just wish it would be over. I.hope this perpetual pain sadness and yearning fades in time. It’s almost too much to endure. My only comfort is that i couldn’t stand for my Richard to feel this amount of pain. I really hope you can find relief from your distress whilst you ate with your daughyer and family - I’m seeingy son and family tomorrow- I’ve got to remember they ate grieving too. Good luck and much love x


Thanks Kittycat. I just took my dog for a walk in the village and appreciated all the houselights brightening up my evening . I’m going down to the coast for New Year, spending time with my son and his wife. My son is so like his Dad in stature and actions. At least I can see my husband in our son.

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I sat and cried through White Christmas too.
It will be 3 years in January since I lost Alan, but the pain and heartache is just as bad as day 1.

I got sent this little poem last year which I hope will be of some comfort. I hope it’s true.

“Christmas in Heaven
What does he do?
He comes down to earth
To spend it with you
So save him a seat
Just one empty chair
You may not see him
But he will be there.”

Take care x


@Alone1 Sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing the poem. I hope it’s true. I will set a place for my Tony tomorrow. Sending you love and hugs. xx

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Thank you Alone1 and Stargate. Lovely poem. Yes I’ve laid a place at the head of the table for him. His picture is a poor replacement but we will raise a glass to him tomorrow.


So beautiful and reflective!
Thank you for sharing
Take care X

I got through the day with a couple of tearful moments as I watched the grandchildren opening their gifts. Philip would have loved the day and be proud of how his daughter and the family looked after me. I did feel his spirit around us all.

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Oh my goodness, what a beautiful poem, composed with adoration and true love for your beloved Alan. Very special.

I lost my husband, soulmate and kindred spirit of 22 years at the end of November after a month-long hospitalization, a roller coaster ride of repeated fear, hope and then dashed hope. Bob succumbed, telling me before losing his ability to communicate, that he could no longer endure further pain and suffering. He knew and I think, too, he was ready.

There is no joy this 2023 holiday season, and it will be some time, possibly a very long time, perhaps never, before I again experience joy during the holidays.

Like all of us on this helpful and cathartic forum who have expressed the painful loss of our soulmate, the devastation is like no other. But we will heal, and when we’re ready, over time the heartache will lessen. And all the vibrant memories of the happier moments we shared with our beloved will begin to pervade our hearts and minds.

That’s my hope.