Missing You So Much

I miss you dearly since you passed away
Nothing and no one could ever take your place
I miss you sadly you meant the world to me
You were irreplaceable and always will be

I miss you always
In my heart and mind
You were so dearly loved
You were truly one of a kind

I miss you wholeheartedly
It’s a loss that’s hard to bear
You were ever so precious
And ever so dear

I’ll miss you forever
More than words can say
I treasure all my memories of you
Each and every day


Hi @Alone1

I know you weren’t asking for a reply…but just wanted to say that was beautiful and heart-rending at the same time. Unless someone has been through what you’ve experienced, they just won’t understand the depth of pain of loss and yearning we have for our loved ones.
My heart goes out to you, it really does!
Take care of yourself as best as you can under the circumstances.
Sending love and warm wishes.


Hi Beeks
Thank you for your much appreciated kind message.
I lost my partner to Covid in January 2021, and the pain and heartache is as bad today as it was then.
I still can’t believe it’s true, and the tears are daily.
Do we ever get over our devastating loss?
Take care x

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Hi @Alone1

What devastation Covid wreaked on our lives!!.I’m sorry it took your dear one from you.

Sadly, we will never get over the devastating loss…as you said in your beautiful poem…“You were irreplaceable and always will be”

However, and I’m sorry this is a cliche…you will eventually learn to “manage” the yearning for them. The sting of loss will subside…but you will always have a burning hole in your heart. .You sound as if you had a very deep love for your partner, and that is commensurate to the pain you’re feeling.
I lost my darling wife 4 years ago… the depth of loss and yearning comes in waves.
Today, im feeling deeply lonely. However, I found solace in your poem and speaking to you. Thank you.