Mom and dad gone - who's got my back?

I’m not a child- I’m in my 50’s but my dad died three years ago and my mom five months ago. I have no brothers or sisters but I have two fantastic grown up daughters and two wonderful grandchildren that are my reason to live. BUT I feel that now I’m an orphan there is no one who will ever love and care about me the way mom and dad did. They would have done anything for me. And now they’ve gone. Nothing or no-one can replicate their love for me and I’m sad.

Hi allycott
Totally understand.
My dad died when I was 27 and my mum died last year when I was 48.
I feel lost and alone even though I have a loving partner and a 13 year old daughter.
My mum loved me so much and would get up with me at 4am to make my lunch and still be up at 11pm when I got home from work to make sure I was safe. Her life was her daughters and grandchildren.
I dont get the same unconditional love and care from the few people I have left and it’s awful.
Obviously my dad felt all this as well but he has been gone so long now.
You will find many on this site who feel the way we do so you are definitely not alone.

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