Money worries after losing a loved one

Since my husband died I’m lost his income and I’m now struggling to manage on one income still have the same bills to pay. Today I had to swollow my pride and go to a food bank I felt so sad and ashamed . Not only did I lose my husband my bread winner I have now lost my dignity. I feel so low tonight. I hate this new life everything has to be such a struggle . Jim would be horrified to know how bad things are :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


Please don’t upset yourself we’re all in this limbo and just have to work through best we can, the food banks are there to help people like us in times of need and you’re vulnerable at the moment, Jim would be pleased that you are looking after yourself any which way you can sending love and hugs at such a difficult time xx

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Hello, firstly please don’t feel sad and ashamed about using a food bank, many people do.
Have you looked at “Turn2us”?
Their website is excellent & they have a benefits calculator and have advice on everything you may be able to claim for.
Please don’t think of it as losing your dignity, sadly many people are in similar situations.
Take care xx

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