more on dreams

I dreamt last night that my parents, now deceased, were visiting me in a mental institution. my mom was enveloping me in wonderful hug which is the very thing that I have been needing, well for a long time. and the emotional nourishment from that embrace is indescribable. then my dad was in operating mode, making arrangements to get me out of there, or something. it was a weird dream. and as much as her embrace was everything that I need, it was a nightmare, as waking up, they are both gone. even though it has been 2.5 years since I lost her, (I am a lonely only child) I am still in shock.

I come here to express this not because I expect a response, but thanks to this website, we have a place to tell these stories. I have a friend I can tell it to, but again, this site is useful because we can unburden ourselves, without bothering others.

and I just returned from wonderful Christmas party, but her embrace is still on my mind.

it really stinks, death. it just is the worst damn thing.

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So so hard not having your loved ones around for a hug and a chat. The love you have never dies. I read somewhere recently that a loving memory is a blessing…take care and I hope you have a warm hug soon.