More than friendship?

I don’t know if this is a suitable topic for this forum, but here goes

I lost June just over 15 months ago, and it’s not getting any easier, I still cry without any warning. I do have good friends and family who haven’t forgotten me for which I’m grateful, but they don’t want to hear how I’m really feeling. I do go to a Bereavement Support Group run by a local church for people in our position which helps and made friends with a nice lady there who lost her husband nearly 4 years ago. We’ve had coffee and the occasional lunch outside the group. I’ve made it very clear that friendship is enough for me, but recently I’ve come to realise that she wants more. I’ve explained my thoughts, but she denies wanting anything more. I know I’m right despite her protests. I don’t want to be unkind and cut her off – she is a nice person, but the thought of a relationship with someone else frightens me and is not something I can think about. Has anyone been in this position? Am I getting ahead of myself?

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Dave, what a horrible situation but she may just want to be friends. Personally I think if you slowly reduce the meetings or times spent together and perhaps brought other people into the relationship, may help.
I feel a bit like an agony aunt because it isn’t something I know much about but I also feel that being a male you may have more control over the situation than you think.
Be more careful about where you meet so you are not leaving yourself wide open for the wrong kind of ending to the evening, if that makes any sense, no going back to her place for a coffee. I do hope you can enjoy the relationship in the future and without any strings. S xxx


Yes! You are getting ahead of yourself
Just a day at the time

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