Morning Prayer

I was given this short prayer by a hospital chaplain, passing it on in the hope it brings strength to others:
Lord help me to remember that nothing is going to happen to me today that You and I together can’t handle.

Hello Carl, This prayer was given to my mum 30 years ago by a Salvation Army Officer, mum was terminally ill. I now have it framed and by my bedside.
Thank you for posting

Yes Carl. The poem about going into the darkness with no light but holding the hand of God is similar in sentiment. Like you, my wife lies on in my heart. Thank you so much for that.

Hello Carl I had this prayer and gave it to my darling husband when in hospital. I am in a dark place recently and have it with me now. Thank you for posting
De x

I have posted this before, may it help someone today, I need to read it daily, taken from John 14 v 27

You can make it,
The journey may be long ahead of you, the light at the end of the
Tunnel not yet visible but God is here with you
Place your hand in his, walk forward with him
Unafraid, unhurried and at PEACE

I ask that strength be given to each and everyone of us today and in the coming days. X

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