Does anyone else hate wakening up?

Oh yes. It’s the worst. I wake up and it slams me. Every morning. My mum is my first thought. I get terrible anxiety in the mornings.

I have this too, my mum is always my last thought at night and first thought in the mornings, I have terrible anxiety right now but have to keep going for my children it’s so hard.

I dread waking up when Stan first died, I used to put my arm out to check that it was all a bad dream, it wasn’t.


Oh yes Pam, Each morning I ask how I will face another day without those uplifting texts, calls & emails between me and my beloved younger sister. No longer do we get to say" Good Night, God Bless" to each other every night before bedtime. No longer can we share our daily ups & downs and laugh about things. The day that lies before me is now long, empty and lonely, no one to chat with on lunch hour, no one to share the good & sometimes bad news with. When I dream of her, I just want to remain in that dream state. Waking up is an assault, and although I am grateful to still be able to wake up, what I am waking up to is the real nightmare.

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Me too. Im seeing dr this morn but have lost hope anything can really help. I just want to sleep all the time. X

Mine too. I missed out the husband and children part so nothing to distract. Not to take anything away from you for i know each loss is preciousx

Hi Mary
Thanks for pointing me in this direction. You have been wonderfulx

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So similar to me except its my mum. I go over things i used to do every morning. Ask her if she was warm enough in bed, ten minutes to getting up for breakfast and so on. I am still saying these things but crying with it nowx

I think I hate going to bed more… it’s a struggle to fall asleep as my mind is usually racing with my Dad. Then it’s like, what is the point fighting to get to sleep to have to go through this all over again the next day?

It’s all shit… excuse my french!!

Thank you, Pam2 x

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