Morrisons video team

Thank you team for everything you do!

We saw you in the morning and sat near you at lunch. There was my Mum, my husband and me. We even walked passed you all in the bathroom while filming! Great editing!

I was too nervous to come over and say thank you as I thought it would make me emotional.

You’ve helped my father at home and to bring him to a safe place for a peaceful passing away. He had his dignity and was cared for by many!

Keep on going!

Hello, my names Kerri and work for Sue Ryder, working with our Morrisons and Sue Ryder partnership.

I remember seeing you in the canteen as we were eating our lunch. I’m sorry to hear that your father has passed away, I hope that you and you husband and mum are doing okay and that the Online Community can help you through this difficult time. I’m glad he was cared for in a safe place surrounded by his family.

It’s so kind of you to feedback and I will pass on your lovely message to not only the Morrisons colleagues who were there filming, but also to all the other colleagues and customers who have been fundraising for Sue Ryder :slight_smile: They will be so touched.
I’m so pleased you enjoyed watching the film, it was an emotional experience for us all and amazing to hear about the incredible work of everyone at Thorpe Hall Hospice. Morrisons have now raised £5 million so this video is part of our special thank you celebration :slight_smile:

Thank you again for taking the time to write to us. Sending you and your family warm wishes.

All the best,

I forgot to say - if anyone else would like to watch the film you can click on this link -

Hope you enjoy :slight_smile: