MOTHER and father passed

My mum who was literally both my mum and my dad while I was growing up. She was only 60 years old. Went to stay at my sisters house in Rotherham and didn’t get the required, usual doctors practice care. Chest infection left untreated became pneumonia. When finally in the ‘hospital’ pneumonia progressed to respiratory failure T2. Sister was now next of kin and a week later she took her last breath while holding my hand

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I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. I lost my mum 12 days ago very suddenly. She was only 58 and would of been 59 on Wednesday just gone. I have a dad but he wasn’t in my life too much growing up, it was always me, my mum and brother, we were all extremely close. It’s the worst thing in the entire world isn’t it. I haven’t got many words of advice as I’ve only just lost my mum. This site really has been a huge help to me, everyone knows exactly what we are going through and there’s no judgment. Please keep talking to people on here, and if you ever want to talk in private then just send me a message.

Be kind to yourself.

Lucy x

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Thank you for your first post in the forum and for sharing your experience.

You will find plenty of support here from others who have lost a parent. Its not an easy time for you and things are very raw at the moment, so you have lots of emotions to process.

Keep talking and sharing your experiences. People are here to help and there are some good resources on the site, that in time you may feel you want to take a look at.

Take care


The fact you took time out to reply means a lot. Thank you. It is only getting worse but I am sure it will improve over time?

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It’s hard for me to say when it will start to ease because it’s still so raw for me but reading things on here gives me some hope. It seems that you learn to live with your loss, you never get over it but you learn how to deal with it.

Lost my Mum and stepdad within 8 months of each other.

So sorry to hear about your losses, it’s very hard to lose both.

Early in it feels very tough, but after a few weeks it’s possible to get your brain to work! Mine was mushy, couldn’t keep a thought in my head for weeks.

Going back next week to sort things out, mixed feelings.

Sending hugs :hugs: to us all xxx

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